How much does it cost to have HVAC with Hepa filter

How much does it cost to have HVAC with Hepa filter

When it comes to determining whether or not you need an HVAV with a HEPA filter it will come down to your needs and feelings about indoor air. According to the EPA, the air in your home is substantially more polluted than outdoor air. If you have allergies or asthma or for any other reason you want to have clean air when you are in your home then you almost certainly want to consider getting an HVAC with HEPA filter.

What Types Of Pollutants Are Commonly Found In The Air Inside A Home?

Among the different pollutants found in the air in homes, there are viruses and bacteria. One of the most common pollutants is pet dander. There is also microplastics and there are dust mites which are one of the main causes of allergy attacks by someone in their home. There’s even mold in the air.

According to the EPA, there are also gaseous pollutants and compounds. VOCs or volatile organic compounds come from furniture and flooring. They also come from pesticides, cleaning agents, and tobacco smoke. Some of these pollutants are even found coming from air fresheners. Yes, the very thing you’re using to freshen up the air is polluting it.

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What Is A HEPA Filter?

This type of filter is one that is made and certified to meet the standard set for HEPA filtration. The minimum that this type of filter needs to be capable of is 99.97%. These types of filters use glass fiber that is ultra-fine which helps catch microscopic particles in the air. The only way it can be classified as being a certified HEPA filter is to meet the minimum standards.

In determining whether or not you need an HVAC system with a HEPA filter you first need to understand if the filter being added is one that will filter the air for the system itself or for the air being pumped into the home. For obvious reasons, you may want your HVAC system to have filtered air to help the system last longer. At the same time, you may want an HVAC with a HEPA filter that is designed to filter the air that the system is pumping into the house.

How Much Does It Cost To Have An HVAC With A HEPA Filter?

The cost can vary widely depending on what area of the country that you’re in. A typical HVAC system newly installed can range between $4,000 to $12,000 according to statistics on National averages. Having that system with a HEPA filter that filters the air that is forced through the system into the home can add another few hundred dollars to $2,500 and sometimes more to the cost. Anyone who has very young children or who suffers from allergies or asthma may strongly want to consider paying the added cost to have the system with a HEPA filter.

It cannot be certified as a HEPA filter unless it meets very high standards in filtering air pollutants. Those who want to have the cleanest air possible to breathe while in the home and those that have allergies and asthma will find this level of filtration to be very good. Please ensure a professional HVAC repair company is hired to complete the job, otherwise it may prove to be counter productive in the long run.

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